3 Days In Puerto Vallarta

© Lavinia Lumezanu

A unique and welcoming place in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is located in the state of Jalisco, overlooking the Bay of Banderas and bordered by the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains on the other side. It’s the perfect destination for both active travelers, families, or couples looking for a romantic retreat. The people of Puerto Vallarta are so welcoming that it’s impossible to not feel at home.

© Lavinia Lumezanu

Stay at the wonderful Puerto Vallarta Beach Club, a complex of private villas located right on the beach. A favored destination from celebrities from all over the world, who favor privacy and the utmost level of service, the Puerto Vallarta Beach Club together with the staff makes every guest feel like the most important person in the world. Between Poncho, who takes care of the entire complex, Lalo, who prepares some of the most delicious meals, and Magally and Hilda who seamlessly go in and out of the rooms when needed to make sure that everything is clean and looks impeccable, the visitors feel like they are the kings and queens of a modern castle.

While Uber is very popular in Puerto Vallarta, there’s something magical about exploring the old town on foot so make sure you bring some comfortable shoes that allow you to walk on cobblestone and enjoy everything this city has to offer.

Day 1

© Lavinia Lumezanu

Start with breakfast at the hotel. You can choose between a private breakfast on your terrace or head down to the breakfast common area, where the staff will serve you a delicious, freshly prepared meal.

© Lavinia Lumezanu

From breakfast head over to the beach, as the villa has a private staircase leading all the way down to the sand. If you’re feeling a bit more reclusive, you can opt for the Puerto Vallarta Beach Club private beach or even spend part of the day in your private pool. If not, head to the public beach and walk along the numerous restaurants and cafes all the way to Malecón, a vibrant area of the city full of shops, bars, graffitti, mosaics, and beautiful souvenirs.

© Lavinia Lumezanu

Head to Pancho’s Tacos for lunch. There might be a bit of a wait as the place is always busy, but the tacos are simply amazing. Once you’ve gotten a taste, head out to visit the church of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, one of the most beautiful landmarks in Puerto Vallarta.

© Lavinia Lumezanu

Continue your tour of the city and allow yourself to get a little lost in the old town before coming back down to the beach and heading back to the hotel.

© Lavinia Lumezanu

Relax in your private pool while watching the sunset as the Puerto Vallarta Beach Club offers one of the most beautiful views of the bay, then head down to dinner right on the beach at La Papala Restaurant for a romantic candlelit dinner right on the sand. Make sure to try the tortilla soup and the octopus as the seafood there is fresh and deliciously prepared.

© Lavinia Lumezanu

Return to the hotel for a restful sleep listening to the waves. The villas have fully retractable walls facing the ocean so if you enjoy a bit of natural white noise make sure to leave the walls open.

Day 2

© Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens

After another fantastic breakfast at the hotel, head over to the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens for a tour and culinary adventure. The tour takes almost the entire day and it’s guaranteed to keep you not only entertained, but also give you a glimpse into the local flora and fauna, as well as the efforts put together to preserve the ecosystem.

Your entire experience is guided by the staff at the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Together you will walk along Vallarta’s stunning south shore and up the Horcones Canyon to the world-famous Vallarta Botanical Garden and continue on as you venture through garden trails, conservatories, and exhibits to explore and learn together.

© Hacienda del Oro

Dinner is included in the tour at the Hacienda del Oro Restaurant, where you can enjoy authentic Mexican food featuring some of the plants that you learned about in the tour. Once dinner is done, you can continue wandering in the garden or head for a swim in the crystalline waters of the mountain river flowing through the forest preserve, and of course take some photographs.

Day 3

Breakfast at the villas overlooking the water as usual, followed by a relaxing day by the pool overlooking the ocean or even heading to the ocean for a swim. Watch the pelicans do their morning rounds searching for fish and diving like an arrow in the water once they’ve spotted one.

© Lavinia Lumezanu

For lunch, head to La Cervecería Unión where you can enjoy some more authentic Mexican food accompanied by artisanal beer that you are unlikely to find in other places.

© Lavinia Lumezanu

Take a walk along the boardwalk and check out all the souvenir shops. If you like something, make sure you bargain on the price a bit before agreeing to it.

© Lavinia Lumezanu

For dinner, we saved the best for last. Take an Uber to La Madalena, a spectacular restaurant with amazing food, fantastic service, and a beautiful atmosphere.

© Lavinia Lumezanu

You can choose from a variety of mezcal cocktails and you have the option of requesting fresh guacamole or fresh salsa, which is made right at your table.


Try the tuna tacos and the scallops, before diving into the dessert menu and ordering churros – the churros come in a little cart that reminds you of childhood street vendors, who brought sweet treats to every neighborhood.

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