3 Days in Sharjah at Al Bait Sharjah

Located just twenty miles from Dubai along the southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and brimming with 6,000 years of history, Sharjah is widely recognized as the cultural hub of the United Arab Emirates. It is the third largest of the seven emirates that make up the UAE and is the only one to have land on both the Arabian Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Oman. Sharjah is an emirate of contrasts where visitors can enjoy a holiday in the sun, discover traditional souks, explore the many heritage sites and museums, admire the majestic mosques, stroll around the lagoons, and experience the natural beauty of true Arabian deserts, mountains and seas.

Drone Exterior.jpg

For a luxurious three day trip in this magical locale stay at Al Bait Sharjah, an architecturally impressive hotel converted from a collection of historic manor houses in the Heart of Sharjah. The history and beauty of Al Bait Sharjah’s immediate surroundings, combined with the home-like hospitality and five star amenities, makes the hotel an integral part of a culturally rich vacation.   

Day 1

After checking in to your luxurious accommodation, where Arabic influences meet Asian design elements, venture out onto the streets of Sharjah. If the scent of gahwa, the local rich, strong Arabic coffee, tempts you, grab a camel milk cappuccino to energize the day’s activities.

  Majlis Lounge

Take some time to center yourself in the peaceful emirate environment by reflecting at the Islamic Botanical Garden. Located in Sharjah Desert Park, this garden allows visitors to take in the diverse horticulture of this exotic destination. The gardens are a peaceful environment designed to promote reflection through paved walkways, ornamental pools, and narrow waterways. Before or after strolling through the grounds, be sure to take time to visit the interpretation center and Arabic cafe.


Cool off at the Al Montazah Water Park in the afternoon. The park is the first of its kind, offering electronic games along with water rides and a go-kart race track for kids and adults. The water park has a wide range of pools appropriate and suitable for kids of different ages. For added fun, an amusement park is conveniently located next to the water-park.The parks contain 35 attractions with state of the art facilities all around the grounds and a picnic area.

Dinner 2.jpg

Back at Al Bait Sharjah, enjoy local flavors through gourmet cuisine served family-style at The Arabic Restaurant.

Day 2

Unveil the complexity of the emirate’s aquatic life, animals, fauna, and flora at the exhibits of the Sharjah Natural History and Botanical Museum. Here you can also learn how Sharjah’s massive sand dunes were created and view a collection of meteorites, digitally erupting volcanoes, and prehistoric fossils.

The Cafe.jpg

Have a snack at The Cafe, where guests of Al Bait Sharjah can discover the only remaining circular windtower in the UAE while sipping Turkish coffee and indulging in authentic European pastries and homemade dessert creations.

Outside Area 2.jpg

For a casual afternoon explore the Heart of Sharjah, which surrounds your hotel. Heart of Sharjah is a unique development which follows traditional Sharjah architecture, built upon the original foundations of old houses that once belonged to the most esteemed families in the country. Heart of Sharjah seeks to revitalize the heritage district and introduce travelers to its glorious past, transforming restaurants, cafes, art galleries and atmospheric local souqs where travelers can experience the UAE’s cultural and social fabric.

Day 3

Visit Mleiha Archaeological Site for an adventure deep in the deserts of Sharjah, where you can uncover the secrets of the region’s ancient Bedouin culture. Get your adrenaline rush by exploring the beautiful landscapes of Mleiha on a dune buggy, visiting Camel Rock, the Faya Dunes, and the Mleiha Desert. Pay a visit to the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, where you can learn about life in the region in years gone by and take a closer look at the wide variety of artifacts on display.

Honeymoon Bed 3.jpg

Back at the hotel, swing by The Ice Cream Shop for an afternoon treat of camel milk ice cream or a variety of traditional treats, paired with a fabulous view of the Corniche.

Honeymoon Bath 2.jpg

Spend your final evening in Sharjah at The Spa at Al Bait Sharjah, which opens the door to traditional Middle Eastern beauty and wellness secrets, incorporating the most effective healing of the Far East. Using organic artisan products, the spa pampers and restores through body polishes, nurturing envelopments, rejuvenating beauty rituals, and therapeutic massages. You’ll have access to relaxation lounges, hammam, steam rooms, and saunas as well–everything you need to feel the effect of this wellness sanctuary.

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