3 Days In Bahamas At The Resorts World Bimini

Paradise Beach
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A favorite of Ernest Hemingway and located just 50 miles off the coast of Miami, Bimini is still a somewhat undiscovered Caribbean vacation destination that deserves our full attention – after all it was Hemingway’s favorite escape. Previously only accessible by private yacht, seaplane or charter flight, Bimini has seen a tourism boom since 2013 when Resorts World Bimini opened its doors on North Bimini. With that a daily two-hour FRS Caribbean Fast Ferry service connecting the island to Port Miami also came to be. For those looking to fly there, there are a few airlines flying into Bimini airport, but most likely you will have a layover in Miami or Fort Lauderdale.
Despite the close proximity to the Miami, Bimini has managed to slip under the radar and keep its heritage and traditions alive, thus still offering its visitors an authentic Caribbean getaway and providing the ideal backdrop for both relaxation and adventure. Plus if you’re coming from an overly crowded city, you will appreciate the limited number of cars. Bimini is so small that the best way to explore it is by bike or rental cart and you can easily rent both on the island. Known as “The Friendly” island, you’ll understand its nickname the minute you set foot there. The Biminites love nothing more than to show their island to visitors and are typically very helpful to all. The island is best experienced as locals do; namely, by visiting its rustic conch shacks, crowd-free beaches, and historic landmarks like the famed Dolphin House.

© Resorts World Bimini

Stay at the Resorts World Bimini, an impressive 750-acre beachfront property that makes guests feel like they are on a private island with all the luxuries and the adventures that the Caribbean can offer from world top chefs, infinity pools, white sand beaches and adventure sports.

Day 1


© Visit Bahamas

Have breakfast at the hotel before heading out to rent a golf cart or a bike to explore the island. Start by driving/riding south on King’s Highway until you reach Bailey Town where you can visit the Bimini Museum. The museum offers a glimpse into the history and development of Bimini, along with pictures, stories, artifacts and relics that commemorate those who contributed to its development, in addition to memorabilia of Bimini’s most famous former resident, Ernest Hemingway.


© Visit Bahamas

A little further down the road is Alice Town, where you can buy some local souvenirs at the straw market, before heading to lunch at Joe’s Conch Shack. Make sure you get the grilled conch, or the grilled lobster and have a ice cold Kalik (the local beer).


© Visit Bahamas

Once you’ve delighted yourself with an amazing lunch, head over to the Dolphin House, a colorful two-story structure made of mosaic tiles, shells, driftwood and other ocean-found items.


© Visit Bahamas

Then stop along the stretch at Radio Beach where you can find giant conch shells and vibrant blue water. End your golf cart or bike tour with a visit to the Gallant Lady shipwreck at the southernmost point of the island for a stunning photo opportunity, before heading back to the resort for a relaxing evening and a dinner by the pool.

Day 2
Get ready to go offshore to explore the many underwater caverns and shipwrecks. Depending on your level of adventure, we have a few suggestions for you.


© Visit Bahamas

Sapona Shipwreck
Take a short catamaran ride a few miles off the coast to the legendary S.S. Sapona Shipwreck. This historic vessel lived through the Prohibition Era as a rum runner’s ship, until it ran aground over 80 years ago. It’s now one of the most popular snorkel sites in the Bahamas as you can swim through the wreck and discover a world of vibrant marine life.


© Visit Bahamas

Swimming with Stingrays in Honeymoon Harbor
Dip into the crystal clear waters of a shallow sandbar surrounded by magnificent coral reefs, colorful fish, and dozens of stingrays propelling your way up to meet your hand for an afternoon snack. Feed them, pet them, and shuffle around one of the ocean’s most misunderstood and majestic sea creatures.


© Visit Bahamas

Shark Encounter
Adventure seekers will highly enjoy this thrilling excursion. Travel a few miles south of Bimini to Triangle Rocks, home to a local community of Caribbean Reef and Nurse Sharks. Snorkel among these magnificent creatures in their natural surroundings, completely free of cages.


© Visit Bahamas

Once you’re back from your adventure, spend the next few hours lounging on a luxury beach chair under solar powered cabanas at The Beach Club, Resorts World Bimini’s newest luxury lifestyle beach club and restaurant on Paradise Beach. At The Beach Club, you can continue to soak up the Bimini sunshine, collect buckets of seashells, indulge in freshly caught seafood, or just close your eyes and let the breeze work its magic.


© Visit Bahamas

Head out to Edith’s Pizza for dinner and feast on Edith’s famous and delicious lobster conch pizza made with cheese and sweet Bimini bread dough. Try the conch fritters and cracked conch as well before calling it a night.

Day 3

© Visit Bahamas

This day is all about relaxing. You’ve spent two days exploring the island, biking around and snorkeling around shipwrecks so it’s time for a day of serenity. But first, breakfast! Go to My 3 Daughters for a taste of their popular fried fish breakfast and savor one last moment of serenity by lounging at Radio Beach, one of the least-crowded beaches in Bimini.

© Visit Bahamas

The stop by A Taste of Heaven Bakery on King’s Highway to try the famous and completely addictive Bimini bread, a loaf of the light, slightly sweet bread or opt for a sweet roll coated in guava cream before heading back to the beach for a last taste of the salty air, before having to head back home.

© Resorts World Bimini

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