3 Days Of Tacos In Los Angeles

Mexican food is a quintessential part of Los Angeles and of course the best Mexican tacos are found in the small local restaurants and food trucks, where you can not only taste the best flavors, but also watch how everything is getting prepared and see the masters at work.

This itinerary requires a bit of driving around so we decided to include a Google Maps link with each locations so you plan accordingly. We also grouped everything by location so you’re not having breakfast on the east side only to drive all the way to the west side for lunch. Some of these places like Leo’s Tacos or Mariscos Jalisco are cash only and some, like Loqui are card only so make sure to bring both forms of payment so you can be ready for everything.

Day 1

© Mariscos Jalisco

Start off in DTLA with Mariscos Jalisco DTLA. There is more than one location to Mariscos Jalisco, but the most convenient one is in DTLA. Their signature taco is called Dorado de Camaron made with fresh shrimp, avocado and salsa roja, all wrapped in a browned corn tortilla.

3040 E Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023

© Sonoratown

Continue in DTLA with Sonoratown, offering a menu of regional tacos from Sonora which include the lorenza, caramelo, carne asada wrapped into Sonoran wheat flour tortillas, and the chivichanga. Together with well-seasoned chicken, melted cheese, roasted Anaheim peppers, and tomatoes wrapped in a tasty flour tortilla, which is then lightly fried, the tacos at Sonoratown will be sure to delight your senses.

208 E 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

© Guerilla Tacos

Next on the list is Guerrilla Tacos also located in DTLA. Chef Wes Avila creates a more upscale twist of the regular street tacos by offering foie gras with braised oxtail, roasted sweet potato dressed in an almond salsa or soft shell crabs on corn tortillas. Get ready to indulge your senses with this exquisite taco experience.

2000 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Day 2

© Loqui

Start off the day on the West Side with Loqui in the newly built The Platform in Culver City with a carne asada taco or a mushroom cheese one wrapped in flour tortillas. The tacos are a good size and the flavors blend in perfectly before they are tucked away in their home made tortillas. Add an agua fresca to the mix and make sure to ask for the spicy salsa if you dare. Loqui is card only so make sure you have a credit or debit card on hand you can pay with.

8830 Washington Blvd #104, Culver City, CA 90232

© Kogi

Stay on the West Side for Kogi Taqueria and indulge in this mix of Korean and Mexican flavors designed by chef Roy Choi. The signature short rib taco is an all time favorite with double-caramelized Korean BBQ balanced with a bright salsa roja, a chile-soy slaw, cilantro and onions on two grilled-and-charred house tortillas. The classic kimchi quesadilla is still a winner, and the blackjack quesadilla with spicy pork, caramelized onions and salsa verde is also a fantastic choice.

3500 Overland Ave #100, Los Angeles, CA 90034

© El Chato Taco Truck

For dinner, head over to El Chato Taco Truck. El Chato is the perfect place to sample lots of flavors as they sell street tacos (about the size of your palm) so you can definitely test out a few. Some of the favorites include carne asada, al pastor, chorizo and lengua, all of which get a splash smoky roasted salsa roja, cilantro and onions. El Chato is cash only, but the prices are so low, you will be full before you even reach $10.

5300 Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Day 3

© Guisados

Start the day at Guisados in West Hollywood with the delicious cochinita pibil, chicken tinga, camarones or the chuleta de chile verde. Make sure you pick a level of spiciness that you are comfortable with as the kick. Their tagline is Homestyle Braises on Handmade Tortillas and the live up to the hype. Plus they also have a ton of vegetarian options if you’re looking to stay away from meat.

8935 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

© Pinches Tacos

Next on your taco food tour is Pinches Tacos also located in West Hollywood where the carne asada tacos and the camaron will delight all your senses while you admire the famous Sunset Strip.

8200 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

© Leo’s Tacos

Finish the day at none other than Leo’s Tacos one of LA’s landmarks when it comes to amazing, authentic tacos, where you will undoubtedly have the best Al Pastor tacos. Located in a parking lot, off a gas station, this taco truck has been a favorite for locals looking to get traditional tacos al pastor. This is another cash only location, but once again about $10 will be more than enough for you to have a delicious meal.

1515 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019

Forget about #tacotuesday, now you can have tacos all day, every day.

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