3 Days In São Paulo

A huge business hub for the entire Latin America, São Paulo features endless skyscrapers, traffic jams, museums and fashion. Most flights from the US arrive in the morning so hop off your flight, breeze through customs and jump into an Uber or a taxi to the Renaissance Hotel. Located in the heart of the city, this hotel is walking distance or taxi distance from all the amazing things this city has to offer. The ride from the airport is an easy 30-40min away and the hotel pretty much has your caipirinha ready to go the second you walk in.

Day 1

Your first day in São Paulo should focus on relaxation. Even before you get a chance to check in, you can head over to the Spa or the Lounge for a little bite and some relaxation. Grab a snack at the Lounge and head over to The Spa at the Renaissance Hotel for a relaxing massage. After all, you did just get off a long flight. You can choose from a variety of massages, facials or hit the gym and the jacuzzi for a power boost.

Once the pampering is done, it’s time for an amazing dinner and make no mistake, São Paulo has something for every taste. With cuisines from 54 countries around the world, you are bound to find something amazing at every corner. Take a walk around the hotel on Avenida Paulista to get a flavor at the local culture and check out Casa das Rosas or the Museum of Art of SãoPaulo, check out Mercado Municipal and try the most delicious fresh fruit, then head back to the hotel for a delicious Brazilian dinner at the Terraço Jardins Restaurant.

Day 2

Come downstairs to Terraço Jardins Restaurant for a buffet-style breakfast with delightful Brazilian delicacies as well as international specialties and charge up for the day. After another delicious breakfast at the hotel, it’s time for shopping and the Oscar Freire street is the perfect place to do it. Known as the most luxurious street in Brazil, Oscar Freire is the ideal destinations for shoppers who are looking for that special gift for themselves or their loved ones.

Stop over for a lunch at A Casa do Porco for a decadent lunch of unique dishes featuring pork served in an unusual way in a friendly and contemporary atmosphere that is bound to delight all your senses. Make sure to get there early as the restaurant doesn’t take reservations. It opens at 12 pm and they usually already have a line outside by then – just ask the over 15.000 customers they get every month. Get the tasting menu which also features a vegetarian option – a huge thing for a restaurant that’s based on pork – or if you get there a bit late and don’t feel like waiting, then get one of the amazing pork sandwiches from the To-Go window. For dessert, head around the corner to Sorveteria do Centro for brigadeiro ice-cream or guava cachaça.

After lunch, it’s time to switch gears and head over to Vila Madalena, a place that has taken street art to a whole new level. Watch artists work on their craft in Beco do Batman (Batman’s Cave) and go inside Choque Cultural a gallery that has become one of the main global references in urban art and new contemporary languages, presenting young artists and international names.

Grab dinner in the wonderful Seen Restaurant at the Tivoli Hotel and enjoy the 360 views of the city while delighting yourself in the wonderful sushi bar put together by chef Massahiko Enohi or international cuisine under the guidance of William Ribeiro, while sipping on the incredibly prepared drinks by Heitor Marin.

Day 3

Start off with a delicious breakfast in the lounge or head over to one of the multiple cafes around the corner for a salgadihno – a savory pastry filled with anything from cheese to shrimp or chicken.

Then head over to Ibirapuera Park for the São Paulo Bienal, an intriguing modern art exhibition. After wandering through the immersive art featured there, take some time to actually walk around the park and take in the fresh air and the beautiful views.

With lunch time around the corner, it’s time for Palácio Tangará, another Michelin-starred restaurant and the home of world-renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Featuring an exclusive outdoor terrace within the lush greenery of Burle Marx park and an elegant wine cellar, this restaurant feels like a breath of fresh air in the middle of a bustling city. Once lunch in done, enjoy a stroll around the park. Burle Marx was one of the most important Landscape architects in Brazil and one of the greatest names of the Brazilian modernism and the park only does justice to his name.

End the day with dinner at Mocotó, one of the most interesting food experiences in São Paulo, before heading off to the restaurant. This 1-Star Michelin restaurant will delight your taste buds with authentic Brazilian food in a low key atmosphere. Ran by chef Rodrigo Oliveira and favored by Anthony Bourdain, the restaurant has been there for over 40 years and has kept the exact same recipe for El Caldo de Mocotó since. Rodrigo took over the place from his father, when he was only 20 years old and has turned it from a little family restaurant to an international sensation that has earned it a Michelin Star and has placed it in the top restaurants of Latin America.

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